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The aim of the ALGADISK project is to develop a modular, scalable, and automatic biofilm reactor for algae biomass production, with low operational and installation costs. The reactor will be designed to capture CO2 from industrial emissions to produce high value organic products. In this system, algae will be grown both in an aqueous environment and on biocompatible surfaces, allowing for CO2 absorption from either the gas or liquid phase. This method will dramatically increase the efficiency of the reactor and decrease water requirements. Automatic and continuous harvesting of algae will be designed to optimize CO2 uptake and biomass production. Adjusting the scale of the system will be trivial, as ALGADISK will have a modular design, and the footprint of installation will be considerably reduced, compared to technologies currently on the market. Design software will be provided - which based on user input - will suggest installation parameters, perform a cost/benefit analysis to calculate economic feasibility, and make predictions concerning the environmental sustainability of the system. The proposed system will be specifically crafted to meet the needs of European SMEs who are willing to produce algae biomass products from industrial emissions.

Benefit analysis
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Based on user input optimal operation conditions and installation parameters are suggested. Furthermore cost/benefit analysis is performed to calculate economic feasibility and make predictions concerning the environmental sustainability of the system. Upon request price quotation of the ALGADISK system is calculated.

The reactor is scalable, modular, contains a sensor and control system to follow and keep growth conditions in optimal range, real time. Reactor consists of vertically positioned plastic disks and non-transparent tanks, in which disks are placed half way in growth medium. Modules are covered with transparent, removable lids in order to reduce risk of contamination and protect biofilm from extreme weather changes. The medium is circulated between the reactor vessels and the buffer tank by a centrifugal pump. In the buffer tank the conductivity, dissolved oxygen, temperature and pH is measured.

Members of the community (registered users) generate and share useful contents such as articles, findings, media receipts, recorded performance data of their own ALGADISK reactor to improve the quality of growing algae.


There is a need for a scalable, economically feasible algae production unit that is capable of delivering high value alga-based products (animal and human nutrients, biofertiliser) as well as biomass (biodiesel precursors), while reducing CO2 emissions. Current large-scale microalgae production is inhibited by the large capital and operational costs.


One system that has been developed to address the issue of high harvesting cost is the biofilm-based system. The solution is based on a modular, scalable and automatic biofilm reactor – with automatic and continuous harvesting system – for algae biomass production with low installation costs.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 286887